What Caused Your Stone Coated Roof To Fade, Not What You Think!

  1. Stone Chips.

On the market, there are two types of stone chips.

The first is pre-painted stone chips, which are created by coating natural stone with paint. When new, these chips are extremely bright! However, the lifespan is only about 2-3 years. After the first few weeks, there is visible fading. Other manufacturers use painted stone, which changes color quickly due to UV and easily peels due to low-quality basecoats.

  1. Acrylic Glue.

You can use the best stone chips in the world, but if your adhesive is weak, your stone chips will inevitably flake off. The acrylic coat will not adhere as well if it is too thin. When it is too thick or too thin, the result is a subpar stone-coated tile.

  1. The Metal Sheet

In the roofing industry, two steel materials are commonly used:

PPGI = Galvanized Steel Sheet.

Galvanized steel is regular steel that has been zinc-coated to make it corrosion resistant. Regular steel is made of iron, which rusts when exposed to moisture, such as rain or ambient humidity. Rust will corrode a steel part to the point of failure over time. There are two ways to keep steel parts from rusting:

  • Use a non-corroding metal when exposed to water.
  • Coat the steel with a physical barrier to prevent water from reacting with the iron.

Be wary of forgeries and imitations.

For example, cutting the alu-zinc mix in steel in half can cut the tile’s lifespan by up to two-thirds. Furthermore, counterfeits and copies will not perform to our high standards, and may leak and cause damage to your home.

Fakes and copies do not meet our high standards; they fade, change color, and may leak, causing damage to your home. The roofs shown below are all made of fake stone-coated roof tiles.

Roofing Tiles are coated with volcanically formed natural stone chips sourced from French quarries. These coatings add natural beauty to the roof while also providing a hard layer of weather protection.

Chip Loss

To begin with, some products have poor chip coverage. A quick coat of paint may cover this up, but the owner will eventually pay the price.

Some tiles gradually lose their chip. This is caused by ultraviolet exposure, which weakens the base coat. How will you know if your roof is capable of this?


Corrosion occurs when moisture in the atmosphere interacts with metal, causing it to rust. When steel rusts, it turns a reddish-brown color, and the steel becomes useless.

The process of coating steel with zinc is known as galvanizing. The zinc rusts as well, but more slowly, and the steel is protected while the zinc rusts away.

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