Ways To Make Your Mabati Last Longer

One of your home’s most crucial components is the roof. A sound roof shields your loved ones from the elements, insulates your house, reduces energy use, and improves curb appeal. Homeowners should take extra special care to maintain this structure because it plays so many crucial tasks. In order to stop further problems from arising and extend the lifespan of your roof, any damage should be fixed very away.

You should take immediate action whenever trouble appears to prevent minor concerns from developing into larger, more expensive problems.

You should replace your roof if it is more than ten years old and you find that your shingles look to be significantly damaged. Here are our top five tips to extend the lifespan of your roof so it performs at its best:

Conduct A General Inspection

Your roof can last for many years, but you must frequently inspect the building. By doing so, you can make sure everything is in functioning order and identify any potential risks right away. Before the winter season, when snow and ice can cause water to seep through into the building, it is extremely necessary to have general inspections performed.

Inspect your roofing structure for cracks and keep an eye out for rust around any metallic components. Don’t forget to make sure your flashing is still in good condition by checking it as well. Through inspections, you can learn more about the condition of your roof and spot issues that could otherwise go undetected.

Clear Debris From Your Gutters

To put gutter cleaning on the back burner is a bad idea. Therefore, when you’re prepared to finish this task, make sure to do so from the security of a ladder rather than from the peak of the roof. Wire hooks can be used to securely fasten your buckets and equipment so that you won’t struggle to remove debris.

Your downspout system possibly has a clog that needs to be removed if you find that it is not draining properly. To unclog the drain, you can inspect it and take out the pipe.

Get Your Gutters Repaired

If you clean your gutters and then discover that the water is still not flowing freely, your gutter is broken and has to be fixed. Sometimes the solution is as straightforward as swapping out any missing hooks preventing your gutter from sloping properly. Water might back up in damaged gutters and overflow. This can eventually cause significant water damage to your roof and the inside of your house.

Trim Overhanging Branches

More issues can arise from overhanging branches than most people think. Overhanging branches can compromise the structural integrity of your roof in addition to providing easy access for wildlife to traverse and enter your property.

When pruning tree branches, especially if they are larger, you should exercise caution. Cutting the branches into smaller pieces is the best and, quite honestly, the safest course of action. This will make removal simple and prevent further roof damage.

You should call a reputable tree service company to conduct the job if you don’t feel confident handling it yourself.

Prevent Ice Dams

Large, weighty ice buildup on your roof throughout the cold season in Kenya can harm both the inside and outside of your property. If not frequently swept away, the ice and snow can also harm your gutter and downspout system.

Breaking apart the existing ice chunks is necessary to handle ice dams, but you should be careful not to harm the shingles by using the wrong tools. The ice can then be melted with calcium chloride, which is safer for your roofing materials than rock salt.

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