Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

Choose A Roofer With Standards.

Would you settle for an “average” plumber, restaurant, or doctor with “decent” standards? If you’re going to spend $10,000 or more on a roof to protect your home from the elements, that’s not going to cut it. When it comes to something as important and costly as your roof, you want a roofing company that expects and demands the highest level of roofing quality.

It can be difficult to find businesses with high standards these days, but the best roofers prioritize great materials, craftsmanship, and employee training. They’re happy to share their processes and decisions with you because they’re confident in their ability to provide you with a high-quality roof. Furthermore, they recognize the significance of providing their customers with a certain level of transparency throughout the roofing process.

Choose A Roofer With Quality Materials.

Even if you have the best installation team on the planet, cheap roofing materials will not last. High humidity, heavy rain, tropical storms, and even hurricanes can put your roof to the test in the South, and low-quality roofing shingles, nails, and the like will not be able to protect your home in the short or long term.

Choose A Roofer With A Great Online Reputation.

Remember this before you start believing everything you read on the internet: not all reviews and review sites are created equal. Users on sites like Yelp! give much lower ratings than on other sites because they profit from people who need a sounding board for negative emotions. Consider this: are you more likely to leave a review for a reasonably good or a poor experience?

Choose A Roofer With The Right Licenses And Insurance.

Licenses and insurance protect homeowners and roofers in a variety of situations — if something goes wrong during the roofing process, it’s the only thing standing between you and disaster. That is why it is critical that any roofer you work with a) has the necessary licenses and insurance, and b) keeps them on hand at all times.

Choose A Roofer Your Friends And Neighbors Trust.

When it comes to a roofer’s quality of work, the proof is in the pudding — which means there’s only one group of people you can trust with roofing advice: your friends and neighbors who have gone through the roofing process.

Choose a roofer with excellent warranties.

Manufacturer warranties (which protect the roofing products themselves) and labor warranties are provided by the best roofing contractors to their customers (which protects against the improper installation of the roofing products). These warranties ensure that you are covered if anything goes wrong with your shingles due to the fault of the manufacturer or the roofer.

Choose a roofer with on-site project management.

Most roofing companies have a salesperson who also serves as a project manager, and they are always overburdened with multiple jobs at once. That leaves you in charge of the roofing crew throughout the installation process. If you’re paying thousands of dollars for a new roof, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger to get the job done.

The best roofing companies have a project manager (not just a salesperson) on-site at all times to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They act as a quality control mechanism as well as someone who is available to answer your questions and concerns.

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