The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Roofing Mabati

When building a house, roofing is an important phase. In Kenya, iron sheets, commonly
referred to as mabati, are the most common roofing material and they come in a variety
of designs and finishes.

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Yes, the ball rolls on your court at the end of the day because you call the shots as the
customer but we want you to make an informed decision before any purchase. This
guide will help you learn what to consider when purchasing iron sheets in Kenya.

Length and width
Ask your construction professionals what the ideal length and width would be for your

Mabati is usually measured in 2, 2.5, and 3 meters.
A width of 0.85 meters is usually standard for all lengths.

If you’re shopping for mabati, you might have come across the term ‘gauge’. Let’s clarify
exactly what this term means. A gauge is a measurement of sheet thickness. Mabati
gauge sizes work in reverse. As the gauge numbers increase, the sheet thickness
decreases. For example gauge(s) 30 are thinner than smaller numbers like gauge 28.
The lower the gauge the heavier the mabati. In Kenya, the mabati gauges available are
26,28, 30, and 32.

Generally speaking, thicker sheet materials, like 26 gauge and 28 gauge, are easier to
install because the fundi is able to walk over them and maneuver them without causing
dents; as a result, the mabati is less likely to be damaged. The thickness of the mabati
also protects them from environmental elements as well as extends their lifespan.

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The cost of mabati in Kenya varies a lot.
Many Kenyans tend to go for the cheapest options, which may not be the best option for
all projects.

The cost of iron sheets depends on the gauge and the type of iron sheets for example
thicker sheet materials, like 26 gauge and 28 gauge are more expensive than gauge(s)
30 and 32.

Generally, a heavier gauge and a longer length make the mabati more costly.
As opposed to focusing on the price, you should invest in the best mabati suitable for
your project.

Did you know that pre-colored mabati(s) are more expensive and come in custom
In Kenya, the common colors are red, maroon, green, grey, blue, coffee brown and

Mabati Kenya is the biggest online platform in Kenya to help you with your roofing
solutions. Our main objective is to equip you with practical knowledge of the roofing
industry in order to assist you in making informed decisions before purchasing any
roofing products. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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