Roofing Designs In Kenya

Gabled roof designs

For these Kenyan roofing designs, two rectangle surfaces are joined at the peak of the house at a roof angle, forming a ridge. It is also distinguished by the ‘A’ or triangle shape of the roof’s sides.

When the house is rectangular in shape, the roofing works best; a good example is a classroom in a school. It is inexpensive and simple to install, making it one of the most popular roofing designs in Kenya among Kenyans.

Hipped roofs

In contrast to gabled roofs, hipped roofs slope on four sides of a house, meeting at the peak to form a ridge at the top. It is extremely durable due to the inward slope of all four sides, which makes it resistant to external forces.

Such roofing designs in Kenya leave enough space in the roof for additional rooms such as dormers, which can be used as tool storage or a sleeping area for the boys. They can be cross-hipped or half-hipped, depending on the house design.

Flat roofs

The technique is becoming more popular on residential properties, just as it was in commercial and industrial structures. All of this is due to architectural technological advancement. The roof is not necessarily flat but is slightly slanted to allow water to drain.

It is purely beneficial because it provides outdoor space, which is especially useful in townhouses with limited backyard space. They are most likely less expensive to build because they adhere to the entire structure of the house. They are typically coated with waterproof (EPDM).

Skillion roofs

It is also known as a shed roof because of its appearance; it consists of a single sloping roof that will be placed on a higher wall, elevating it above the other roofs. It may appear to be a half-gabled roof. Such roofing designs are most common in modern architecture in Kenya. It is commonly referred to as a shed roof due to its large eaves.


It is distinguished by an extending ledge at the base of the roof with a lower slope. The upper sloppy part of the roof can be of any design, gambled, skillion, or otherwise, but once the extended bottom is installed, it becomes a bonnet roof of that design. These characteristics make them affordable roofing designs in Kenya.


It is also known as the inverted gabled roof. They, like the butterfly’s wings, form a letter V shape. At the end of the day, you have the high points of the ceiling.

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