Reasons Why Decra Metal Roofs Are Right For Your Home

Until recently, roofing options were limited to using metal roofing sheets locally known as mabati roofing. While still a viable option today, most homeowners were given less aesthetic options until DECRA stone-coated roofing tiles hit the market thanks to the effort of several innovative manufacturers.

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Decra stone-coated metal roofing tiles are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners for various reasons that have been featured in this article. Discover the benefits of stone-coated metal roofing by reading on.

Classic aesthetics, style and durability

Stone-coated metal roofing provides both durability and style. Homeowners can enjoy the strength of metal without compromising on style when they opt for stone-coated metal roofing.

Stone-coated roofing tiles such as shingles and classic come in vivid colors and textures that offer diverse options to suit the taste of any homeowner.

Noise reduction

The roof should not prevent you from getting a quiet, conducive environment at home, even when it rains. Metal or aluminum sheets can, unfortunately, be extremely noisy when it rains. Corrugated roof sheets are known to be the noisiest of all, as they vibrate more than a flat sheet or tile.

Here’s where stone-coated roofing tile comes to the rescue; The stone coating on classic and shingle roofing sheets is the key component to noise reduction thus a genuine stone coated decra roof softens the noise of the rainfall, offering a more peaceful living environment in your home during rainy seasons.

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Classical and shingle tiles are best suited for both commercial and residential buildings. They are available in different colors of natural stone chips to ensure they complement most building designs and provide a wide choice of structures designs to discerning clients or architects.

Choose a roof made with shingle and classic stone coated decra tiles, and you’ve made the choice for a roof that is strong, durable and attractive.

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