YX25-205-820 (Arch)

Effective Coverage Width: 820(mm)
Expanded Width: 1000(mm)
Plate Thickness: 0.5 – 0.6(mm)
Section Moment of Inertia: 4.38 – 5.32(cm4/m)
Section Resistance Moment: 7.81 – 8.5(cm/3m)

Grade: DX51D, SGCC

Thickness: 0.14-0.7mm; Thickness in gauge: 26–30gauge

Width: 600–1250mm; Width in ft:600mm=1.97ft,1000mm=3.28ft,1200mm=3.9ft,1219mm=4ft,1250mm=4.1ft

Zinc coating: 20-120g

Paint coating: top side:10–25mic; back side: 5-17mic


They can be used in Construction Industries like industrial plants, airport buildings, large warehouses, modern large hangars, simple activity rooms.

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