Mabati Prices In Kenya

The price of iron sheets varies widely in Kenya and it is the primary determining factor for many Kenyans. Although upfront roofing costs are a major consideration, the service life and maintenance costs must also be taken into account in order to determine which roofing material offers the best value.

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In Kenya, homeowners are spoilt for choice because they can choose from a variety of roofing materials such as iron sheets, wooden tiles, decra tiles, stone coated tiles, among many others.

Roofing materials in Kenya vary in price according to their quality. This blog is a cheat sheet for various mabati prices offered by the leading mabati companies in Kenya.

Cost of Roofing Sheets

The cost of roofing sheets in Kenya ranges from Sh300 per metre for the thinnest grade to Sh1,000 per metre for pre-painted high-quality sheets.

Zentile Mabati (Gauge 28) from MRM goes for Sh945 per metre, while Versatile and Orientile Mabati are priced at Sh980 each. Elegantile Mabati costs Sh1,000.

Skysail 840 and Skysail 868 commonly known as Versatile and Orientile (Gauge 28) costs 760 per metre.

Heritage Mabati’s Alloy Zinc Mabati (normal mabati) costs Ksh330.

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Taifa Mabati tiles, Imarisha Mabati wave tiles, and Imarisha Mabati bamboo tiles offer their roofing sheets at Sh680.

Royal Mabati Gauge 30 corrugated goes for sh 420 while Imarisha Mabati Box retails at 390sh. Corrugated Matte (gauge 30) is priced at Sh530.

Roofing Accessories

  • Price of PVC gutters

It is imperative for your roofing budget to include the costs of roofing accessories, such as roof ridges, PVC rain gutters, rubber washers, plain sheets, and roofing nails. Rain gutters, which are used to collect rainwater, cost about Sh700.

  • Price of Ridges

Roofing ridges (also referred to as ridge caps) are dip galvanized metal sheets that are installed on the peak of a galvanized iron roof where opposing roof planes meet. The goal of these barriers is to prevent rainwater and dust from entering the building.

It is important to note that the cost of roofing ridges in Kenya varies between Sh750 and Sh800 depending on the brand and vendor. For instance, Skysail Mabati’s retail price for its roofing ridges (Gauge 28, matte) is Sh400.

  • Price Roofing Nails 

Roof nails in Kenya, like roofing sheets, also vary in price according to their quality.

In Nairobi, ordinary roofing nails sell for around Sh220 a kilogram, while galvanized nails, which prevent roofing sheets from rusting, sell for about Sh270 a kilogram although high-quality nails go for Sh800 a kilogram.

  • Price of stone coated roofing sheets

Roofing stone-coated tiles are fast gaining popularity in Kenya due to their visual attractiveness. The classic type roughly costs 650 per piece and the shingle type costs 700 per piece, but prices vary depending on which mabati company you choose.

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In conclusion, purchasing commodities from reputable manufacturers is highly recommended. Consider the warranty terms and conditions of the manufacturer when evaluating the durability of materials.

NB: It is important to note that the above prices may change without notice since they are obtained from various retailers. Please check with your preferred vendor for more accurate pricing.

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