How To Hire The Right Builders Who Won’t Milk You For Millions

Here are “4 Secret Tips On How To Hire The Right Builders For Your Construction Project Who Won’t Milk You For Millions”

The construction of a building, whether a home or a commercial property, is normally an expensive undertaking that requires keen considerations especially in regards to financial commitments.

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Building a commercial building depends on the expertise of construction professionals which is a level of vulnerability that should be countered by making well-informed decisions. Over the years, the construction sector in Kenya has been sabotaged by shrewd contractors and fundi’s who have found the most lucrative ways to milk a project. This is why it is crucial to choose reliable and trustworthy building professionals to handle your project.

To help you make that decision wisely here are several factors to consider:

1) Experience

The first thing you should look at is their experience. What is their experience level? Is their experience sufficient to efficiently build your commercial building without encountering unnecessary difficulties and challenges along the way? An experienced professional builder, whether a fundi or contractor, will offer faster, more efficient and cost-effective ways to build your building.

2) Reputation

A contractor’s work should speak for itself, and his or her reputation should precede him or her whether it’s through word-of-mouth, online reviews, or client testimonials. Friends and business networks can be great sources of referral and information on a home builder.

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Reputation is key because canny contractors are known to substitute skilled laborers for the cheaper options of semi-skilled ones which can greatly compromise the safety of the building among the many other irregularities that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

3) Credentials

You must be certain they are not just builders, but craftsmen worth your time and money.

Ensure that their credentials are up to date. It is extremely important for building professionals to have the proper training and also to be knowledgeable about the most up-to-date construction practices. In order to be the most effective in their industry, they must always be learning and eager to improve.

4) Their turn around time

One of the most crucial inquiries you should have with your prospective builders is their turn around time. You need to know whether your foreman or contractor has a solid team to keep your project on track and in a timely manner. It will interest you to learn that some of the contractors use methods such as prolonging the time of the project, trying to manage several projects at the same time, or pulling resources off your project to prioritize other seemingly lucrative projects.

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In conclusion, the process of hiring a builder should not be stressful as long as you do your homework. Having a solid team of licensed professionals, as well as a full-time project manager, is the best way to protect your construction project.

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